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All About the Music Fun Page
This web site was inspired by the students of the Pearl City Piano Studio.  I've created a very interactive site with the hope of keeping children alert and learning through the internet.  I welcome your site suggestions and feedback!!  Thank you for visiting our site!!

I first got started with a wonderful web site real informative and both a money and time saver.  1stsitefree is a great for the beginner and it directs you to some of the best free places on the web.  I used Trellix software to create the site and set it up at  All for Free!!  You can too.  Just use the links below.  
As you navigate my site you may see the need to download some players.  These are pretty reliable sites but I leave it to you to take the necessary precautions when you install. (See internet tips)

Free webpage software:  

Free website:

Realplayer download:  scroll to the bottom and get the free stuff.

Quicktime player:  quality is great on this player.